Jumpstart June Webinars


Welcome friends! This year, I’m offering affordable live, online webinars so I can help as many students as possible get a head start on writing their college application essays. During these hourlong Jumpstart June sessions, I will quickly teach the fundamentals of what makes a great essay, and then help you identify hot topics and map out a simple writing plan.

The webinar also will include writing tips and advice to help you learn to use a narrative (story-telling) style, find your authentic voice, engage your audience, identify compelling mini-stories, bring depth and meaning to your piece, etc. NOTE: Each of these 4 Jumpstart June Webinars has the same content to help students launch their essays. In other words, you only need one for now. Other topics will be featured in later webinars.

FREE to Anyone Who Can’t Afford Them!


Over the past decade, I have worked with thousands of students individually with these same Jumpstart sessions. As private students, they paid $200. You will get the exact same instruction and support for only $30. I hope this makes my instruction, experience and advice more feasible for all of you. If for whatever reason you cannot afford the $30, please email me and we can figure out something that fits your budget.

I offer these FREE to any students who are underprivileged or underserved, and to teachers, counselors, any educators who work with them! Don’t be shy! (Email me, Janine Robinson, here: EssayHell@gmail.com. And I will send you the discount Promo Code.)

BONUS! If you take any one of my webinars, I also will give you access to my popular online Essay Hell Writing Bootcamp FREE. This has 11 short videos, related handouts and access to my writing guides, Escape Essay Hell and Heavenly Essays (which are sold on Amazon).

The idea is that after participating in a webinar, you have these materials to fall back on once you start working on your own. You can also use them to get a head start. The course teaches the exact step-by-step process I use in my webinars. (These are a $99 value alone!) To register for a webinar, use the Add to Cart buttons on the side to pay with PayPal (also takes major credit cards) and you will receive a link to use on day and time of the webinar.

I am using YouTube live, so you should only need Internet access to participate from your computer, phone or tablet. I will also include time at the end for your questions. I require a minimum of six participants to make each webinar a go, and will let you know if the date you registered for did not get enough sign-ups, and refund your payment asap.

Beside college-bound students, parents, teacher, counselors, transfer students, all are welcome! So tell your friends! Please let me know if you have questions. Looking forward to working with you! I believe you will find these immensely helpful and possibly even fun!

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Webinar Dates and Times

(these are all West Coast PDT time; please note time differences!)

Jumpstart June and July Webinar Dates
(These are all the same topic!)

If for whatever reason you can’t afford my webinar, please email me at EssayHell@gmail.com and I’m happy to give you a code so you can participate for FREE! Don’t be shy!:

#1: Saturday, June 15 (10-11 a.m.) DONE

#3: Saturday, June 22 (10-11 a.m.) DONE
#4. Tuesday, June 25 (5-6 p.m.)
#5. Saturday, June 29 (10-11 a.m.)
#6. Tuesday, July 2 (5-6 p.m.)


#1: Saturday, June 15  (10-11 a.m.) DONE



#3: Saturday, June 22 (10-11 a.m.) DONE



#4. Tuesday, June 25 (5-6 p.m.)



#5. Saturday, June 29 (10-11 a.m.)



#6. Tuesday, July 2 (5-6 p.m.)