Here’s How I Work


I offer private and group tutoring for college-bound, transfer and graduate school students working on admission and scholarship essays. 

Depending on where you live, I can help you privately in my home office, or work long-distance through Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts. I work with students from all over the world!

No matter where you are in the process, I work as an editor, helping you brainstorm a focused, compelling topic, and then structure, compose, revise and polish your essay. I do not write essays for students.


Jumpstart Session: During these hourlong one-on-one sessions, I help you identify powerful topics for your core and supplemental essay prompts, find and tell your real-life stories, map out a narrative writing plan and dig deep to craft a personal, meaningful and memorable essay. Includes free digital copies of my writing guides and workbook.

Cost: $200. We work for an hour together in person or via Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime.

Editing/Review: I review rough drafts and provide feedback and suggested edits to improve focus, clarity, flow, impact and meaning; edit length to meet word counts; and, correct grammar, spelling, word choice and other mechanics—all using editing feature in Word called Track Changes (see example of Track Changes editing marks) students can see my recommendations. When necessary, I also provide personal feedback by sending a short video capture recording.


For Core Essays (Personal Statements), such as The Common Application:


A. For Jumpstart or online bootcamp clients, $150 per first round of edits per core essay (eg The Common App, or other core/main essays around 500-650 words) using Track Changes on a Word file. Second round, if needed, $100.

B. For students who did not start with a Jumpstart session or online bootcamp, $200 per round of edits per core essay. Second round, if needed, $100.

(All editing clients receive free digital copies of my popular writing guides: Escape Essay Hell!, my step-by-step guide, and Heavenly Essays, a collection of 50 sample essays.) 

For The University of California essays:

Cost: $200 for all four University of California short essays (350 word limit each), called Personal Insight Questions ($50 each) using Track Changes in a Word file. (Same cost for four UC transfer essays.)

For Supplemental Essays:

Cost: $200 for every 700-800 words of supplemental essays (usually about 3-5 short supplemental essays) using Track Changes.

Final Proofreading:

Cost: $50 for a “light” round of edits, mainly final proofreading and polishing (mainly catches typos and errors in spelling, grammar, punctuations, etc. and flags obvious flaws or weaknesses.) on a core essay or equivalent supps.

Typical Student Experience:

For most students, one round of edits on a core essay—especially if they started with a Jumpstart session or online bootcamp to get them on the right track—is enough to help them advance and complete one core essay. Depending on their writing/editing ability, some students need a second round of “light” proofreading edits to get it in top shape.

Editing Turnaround Time:

Turnaround for each round of edits is within a week at latest and usually sooner.
Expedited fees: Two-day turnaround: $100 extra. Overnight: $200 extra.


All clients must pay in advance of my services (below), and then as they go for editing help.

NOTE: Please do not make payments until we have discussed and confirmed the exact services I will be providing.

Just email me any questions at: Thanks! 


(college admissions counselors, college counselors, English and writing teachers, education consultants, etc.)

Counselor and Teacher Workshops

Become an official Essay Jumpstart Expert! Get certified by taking my group (or private, see below) workshop either in person or via Webinar (group Skype) platforms.

During these sessions, I teach counselors and English teachers what I believe makes a “great” or effective college application essay, and then how to teach their students to write them using a narrative (story-telling) style to showcase their defining qualities and values.

In effect, I share my main essay writing Show AND Tell “method,” including how I help students brainstorm and identify engaging topics, use anecdotes (mini real-life stories) to hook readers and make their essays personal and meaningful, and a slew of other tips and techniques to craft powerful personal essays.

Participants receive copies of my trade-marked handouts and worksheets (my SampleOutline™, AnecdoteBuilder™, Sample Essays, ProblemFinder™), as well as a certificate of completion and a digital badge (two options) to use for marketing.

They also receive digital versions of my popular writing guides, Escape Essay Hell! and Heavenly Essays.


Recent former clients include:

  • Square One Counseling, Laguna Beach, CA: For the past four years, I have given essay writing workshops to the clients of Lynn Fair, of Square One college admissions counseling in Laguna Beach, CA.
  • Palisade High School, Palisade,CO: I gave essay writing workshops to the IB students as part of a college admissions seminar.
  • Texas Region One GEAR UP, Edinburg, TX: I conducted four, weeklong essay writing workshops to the top 160 students, and 35 English teachers, from 30 high schools in the Rio Grande Valley. (Read more about these workshops HERE.)
    GEARUP also purchased licenses to my online essay writing course for 10,500 students.
  • Bergen County Technical High School, Teterboro, NJ: I presented cyber essay writing workshops to their junior years students as well as to English and other teachers at this magnet school, ranked #6 in New Jersey.

Consulting: As a professional writing coach, I counsel you on how to teach your students to write narrative-style college application essays using the approach I developed and share in my writing guides, online courses and blog.

Depending on what skills you want to develop (helping students identity compelling essay topics, find and tell their real-life stories, map out writing plans, apply literary writing techniques and strategies, edit and polish their own work, etc.), I work in person or via Skype and phone consultations. Cost: $200 an hour.


All my students receive free copies of my popular ebook guides:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Click HERE to contact me any time.

Janine Robinson

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All clients must pay in advance of my services (below), and then as they go for editing help.

NOTE: Please do not make payments until we have discussed and confirmed the exact services I will be providing.

Just email me at: Thanks! 


PAY $200
(Click “Buy Now” button below): For one round of edits on core essay (eg Common App); or UC Personal Insight Questions (4 shorter essays); or hourlong Jumpstart session; or comparable supps (2-4; around 600-700 words total); or overnight editing (within 24-hours).

PAY $150
(Click “Buy Now” button below): For one round of edits on a core essay (eg Common App) IF you had Jumpstart session or purchased online bootcamp first.

PAY $100
(Click “Buy Now” button below): For 2-day editing (within 48 hours).

PAY $50
(Click “Buy Now” button below): For additional charge to add onto $100 or $200 payments (such as $150 for 2-day editing turn-a-round) or round of “light” proofreading.

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