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I am currently offering my online essay writing bootcamp course FREE with any tutoring or editing session. (I will strongly encourage all students to work through it before we meet since it makes our sessions much more efficient and cost-effective for you!)

How to Write a College Application Essay includes 11 short videos, related handouts and digital copies of my best-selling writing guide, Escape Essay Hell, and sample essay collection, Heavenly Essays. There also is a super helpful Powerpoint with all my best advice and tips on the UC essays and another on how to write the most common Supplemental essays. I sell it separately for $99.

My crash course will help you get a head start on the brainstorming process and an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with your essays. You also will have an awesome resource to refer back to later as you start the writing process (with videos and handouts on everything from mapping out an outline to bumping up a dull essay to how to self-edit and polish essays).

Tutoring and Editing Services

Here’s how I work with students on their essays, including descriptions of my services, rates, deadlines and other details:


I offer private and group tutoring for college-bound, transfer and graduate school students working on admission and scholarship essays.

Depending on where you live, I can help you privately in my home office in Laguna Beach, or work long-distance through Skype or Facetime. I work with students from all over the world!

No matter where you are in the process, I work as an editor, helping you brainstorm a focused, compelling topic, and then structure, compose, revise and polish your essay. I do not write essays for students.


Tutoring Session: During these hourlong one-on-one sessions, I help you identify powerful topics for your core and supplemental essay prompts, find your real-life stories, map out a narrative writing plan and dig deep to craft a personal, meaningful and memorable essay. Includes my online course!

Cost: $200. We work for an hour together in person or via Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime.

Editing/Review: I review rough drafts and provide feedback and suggested edits to improve focus, clarity, flow, impact and meaning; edit length to meet word counts; and, correct grammar, spelling, word choice and other mechanics—all using either Google docs or in Word, called Track Changes (see example of Track Changes editing marks), so students can see my advice and suggested edits. 


For Core Essays (Personal Statements), such as The Common Application: 

Cost: $200 for each round of suggested edits and feedback. (Most students use one round of edits; about a fourth come back for a second round. Depends on their writing ability and motivation.) Includes my online course!

For The University of California essays:

Cost: $400 for all four University of California short essays (350 word limit each), called Personal Insight Questions ($100 each) using Google docs or Track Changes in a Word file. (Same cost for four UC transfer essays.) Final proofreading (for typos, spelling, flow, mechanics, clarity, etc.), if needed, $100. Includes my online course!

For Supplemental Essays:

Cost: $300 for one round suggested edits and feedback for every 700-800 words of supplemental essays (usually about 3-5 short supplemental essays) using Google docs or Track Changes in Word docs. Includes my online course!

Typical Student Experience:

For most students, one round of edits on a core essay—especially if they started with a Webinar or online Bootcamp to get them on the right track—is enough to help them advance and complete one core essay. Depending on their writing/editing ability, some students (roughly about a fourth) want/need a second round of edits to get it in top shape.

Some students—usually those who did not start the brainstorming/planning process with me—send in essays to be edited that are fundamentally off track (poor topic, lack of focus/main point, structure wrong, etc.) If I think I can’t help them improve their draft through written edits, I will send it back with my advice and ideas on what they need to do (no charge, of course). Usually I suggest my online course.

Editing Turnaround Time:

Turnaround for each round of edits is within a week at latest and usually sooner.
Expedited fees: Two-day turnaround: $100 extra. Overnight: $200 extra.

All clients must pay in advance of my services (below), and then as they go for editing help.

NOTE: Please do not make payments until we have discussed and confirmed the exact services I will be providing.

All my students receive free copies of my popular ebook guides:

Email me anytime with questions: EssayHell@gmail.com.


Janine Robinson

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PAYMENT: All clients must pay in advance of my services (below), and then as they go for editing help.

NOTE: Please do not make payments until we have discussed and confirmed the exact services I will be providing.

Just email me at: EssayHell@Gmail.com. Thanks!


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Can’t Afford Me? Yes, You Can!

 I offer my online writing course free to students who are from underprivileged or underserved backgrounds, as well as teachers, parents or educators who work with these kids. Email me, Janine Robinson, for details! Don’t be shy!!

Please feel free to send me any questions or comments: EssayHell@gmail.com

And I wish you all best of luck! You got this!