Escape Essay Hell!



Escape Essay Hell! is a short and simple guide to help students write their dreaded college application essays.

Featuring Essay Hell’s best advice and tips, Escape Essay Hell takes students step-by-step through brainstorming unique topics and the narrative writing process. It’s really a crash course in writing a personal statement!

College admissions experts advise students to “Be Yourself” and write essays that are help them “Stand Out” from other applicants. But no one shows them exactly how to do that. In this simple to follow guide, Escape Essay Hell teaches them how to write essays that are engaging, meaningful and memorable—which naturally help them stand out from the competition and land in their dream schools.

Escape Essay Hell! is ideal for any essay prompt that asks the student to write about himself or herself, called a personal statement. It can be used for the following prompts:

  • All the Common Application prompts.
  • Most prompts for major public universities around the country (including UC, Texas and others).
  • Most prompts for transfer and scholarship essays.
  • Prompts for applications to post-graduate programs, including medical, law and business schools
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on May 26, 2016
I just purchased this book for my son to use. I read it today and love it. It is clear and engaging. I particularly like the way Ms. Robinson bolded the important parts–my son is much more likely to use it knowing he can just read the bolded than if he is faced with a long book to read. I love that she includes humor and plenty of examples.
on May 20, 2016
Wow. Why is this book not used more often? It’s simple and light to read, but actually gives concrete steps to follow in writing a college admission essay. My friend and I used this book and both got into universities with 4% acceptance rates; and we certainly didn’t get in due to our marks. This book is amazing.
on May 12, 2016
This guide made the daunting task of writing college essays so much easier for my son! We are so pleased we found this amazing resource!
I treasure this useful resource and have recommended it to all of my high school students. Most essay books will dance around the subject of essay writing. They can tell you how to recognize a good essay from a bad one and might even feature a few samples of general essay topics, but they don’t help the reader to get inspired about writing or how to show emotion. I have yet to find a great resource that goes right to the heart of essay writing until I found this book. Janine gives you a step by step approach for how to write a great essay. Her techniques can help students get right to the heart of essay writing in a fast, easy way. Students need to find their core characteristics and include this information in their essay in order to be noticed by collges. They also need to include details. I find that this book is a personal writing guide. Janine will coach you towards writing your personal story. If you are a high school senior,parent,teacher or college counselor, I urge you to purchase this book. This is the ultimate how to guide. Once you have this one, you will want all of the others in the series.
on April 30, 2016
Absolutely one of the most comprehensive, helpful and effective essay-writing guide – that is easy to follow whether you are a student, a parent, or a counselor or consultant working with students to help them find their unique voice and express that in the most impactful way! Definitely recommend purchasing it along with Janine’s book “Heavenly Essays”, as it will crystallize what you learn by providing real examples of student-written essays that follow the process. You will see how her step-by-step guide provides a formula for students to follow that produces unique and impactful results! I am so excited to add this to my platform to guide my students throughout their college planning and in completing their applications. Coach Mira – Pathway to College. […]