I offer all sorts of help for writing your dreaded college application essay.

Depending on how much time, energy and money you have to invest—and how you like to learn—there are all levels of support here.


(from cheapest to more costly)

Lots of Free College Essay Writing Advice, Tips and Guidance?
www.EssayHell.com. (0$)
If you are determined to learn as much as possible about writing a great essay, but don’t want to spend a penny, you are still in luck. My advice would be to scroll through the INDEX “Find Help By Topic” of blog posts on the right sidebar, and look for topics that relate to what you need. 

Free and Quick Online Tutorials That Help You Write a Common Application Essay?
Essay Hell’s Boot Camp:

How to Answer Common App Prompt 4: What’s Your Problem? ($0)
Watch this FREE tutorial that lasts under 10 minutes and you will be well on your way to finding a great topic for Common App Prompt 4, and will be pounding out a rough draft before you know it. And it will rock! This is my best value.

How to Write an Anecdote: Part One ($0)
Learn why anecdotes are the best writing device to power your narrative-style essay, and how to spin your own real-life story into an engaging introduction.

A Book that Steps You Through the Process of Writing a Narrative-style Essay?
Escape Essay Hell (Kindle/paperback) (<10$)
If you are a student who likes to read, but prefers a short-and-simple guide that literally walks you through the 10 steps to writing a great essay.

A Book that Teaches You Writing Tips, Techniques, and Strategies to Power your Essay?
Writing Survival Kit (Kindle/paperback) (<10$)
If you are a student who likes to read and is self-directed and motivated and feels confident pounding out a rough draft, but wants to learn how to make it great (and also wants to learn how to be a better writer).

A Book that Has All My Best Strategies and Advice for Answering the Most Common Essay Prompts?
Essay Hell’s 2015-16 Prompts Primer
This is a collection of my best posts that offer the latest, specific strategies, tips and advice on answering popular posts, such as the 5 Common Application, the 2 University of California, transfer essays, common supplemental essays (Why This College? and Extracurriculars), recycling essays, etc.

 A Collection of Sample College App Essays Written by Real Students and Analyses of Each Essay?
Heavenly Essays (Kindle/paperback/download) (<10$):
If you are a students who learns by example and seeing what other students wrote about and how they crafted their “slice-of-life” essays, and wants to hear what I thought of them as well. I tell all my students that reading sample essays is the best way to learn how to write your own—and get great topic ideas!

An Online Tutorial Course That Teaches You How to Write a Killer College Application Essay in Under an Hour?
Essay Hell’s BootCamp Course, “How to Write a College Application Essay” ($99).
If you learn best watching videos and reading related handouts at your own pace, and want my help walking you step by step through the brainstorming, writing and editing process with your essay. This is the next best thing to my private tutoring services. (Perfect companion to Escape Essay Hell! writing guide.)

Someone to Act as a Private Writing Coach?
Essay Hell’s Private Tutoring ($200 an hour)
If you need one-on-one coaching to help you find an engaging topic for your essay and map out a writing plan, my Jumpstart session is available in person or via Skype or other online platforms. I advise this if you have tried brainstorming ideas on your own, but still have not landed one you love, or if you have a great idea, but don’t know how to start or structure it. I happen to be excellent at quickly helping you find your real-life stories and teaching you how to spin them into a killer essay.

Someone to Review Your Rough Draft and Provide Feedback on How to Improve It and Make Suggested Edits?
Essay Hell’s Review Service ($150 per round of edits on a core essay)
If you have a rough draft that you would like feedback or editing, I provide edits/feedback/critique using Track Changes in Word.

Someone to Teach You How to Help Other Students Write Standout College Application Essays?
Essay Hell’s Essay Writing Consulting ($200 an hour)
This is for anyone who works with students on these essays and wants to learn my approach to writing a narrative-style, “slice-of-life” personal statement type of essay. I share teach you my step-by-step formula, share my handout materials, and how to help students find awesome topics, discover their real-life stories, map our their essays, apply literary and creative writing strategies, self-edit and polish their drafts, and much more.