Free Writing Resources for DACA Students!

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I’m disgusted by our current president’s attempt to take away DACA, which allows students who immigrated illegally as children to the U.S. with their parents to obtain 2-year visas allowing them to stay here (and attend school and get jobs) legally.

Don’t understand what’s going on with DACA? Check out this article and helpful video.

I believe our DACA students are some of our brightest and most promising students. Many are already passionate and talented teachers in schools around our country.

How to Get My Resources for FREE!! Super Easy!

If you are a DACA student and would like access to my online college application writing course, and/or my writing guides, please send me an email. Also, if you are a teacher or counselor who works with DACA or Dreamer kids, I’m happy to send you any of my writing guides as well. (I send digital versions only.)

My email address:

In the email, explain briefly your situation (where you are attending high school and how you are a DACA student), and I will send you these resources completely free of charge. Any information you share with me will remain confidential. If you are a teacher or counselor, just let me know where you work.

I wish all DACA students and all Dreamers the best of luck and encourage them to continue their schooling and efforts to attend college and beyond. I’m sure this is a frightening time for many of you, but know there are many of us in this country who are doing whatever we can to support and protect you!

Janine Robinson
Essay Hell