I haven’t posted anything in recent weeks. My role as a college essay tutor wraps up in January and February.

But if you are still working on an essay or personal statement, I would read through this blog for ideas and inspiration!

This spring, I have also been in the thick of the college admissions craze because my son is a high school senior. And boy what a ride it has been.

One of the hardest parts is the waiting–and I know some of you are STILL waiting to hear from prospective colleges and universities. Hang in there!!

And then there are the rejections. My son certainly had his share, and it didn’t help that they were the first schools to report. And one was his top pick. But he cast a wide net, and now has three great options to pick from, which is the next challenge. So, it all works out! And it will work out for you, too!

We went through this with my daughter, too, two years ago, and she landed in a fabulous little liberal arts college in the south and loves it. (She’s going to study in India next semester for her study abroad!)

I’m not a college counselor, but I can share with you a couple tips that I wish I had known, or paid closer attention to, for my own kids’ college quest. I can’t say we have regrets, but we certainly learned some things as we went along. In case they resonate with you, here they are (in no particular order of importance.):

    • Try as hard as you can to tune out others students and parents who talk up certain schools, especially the “prestigious” ones, and focus on what will be the best fit for you. Remember, you are the one who will go there, not them!
    • Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with all you have to do. Just keep up with the various steps, and it all works out. None of it is really that difficult. Stay open to learning about the different schools, and when you are in the area of a college or university (even if you don’t necessarily want to go there) your sophomore or junior year, drop by and check it out! Your opinions about colleges will change a lot in just a year or so.

  • College counselors always talk about aiming high but having back-up schools. We learned the hard way that you should have at least one or two schools you KNOW you will get into. If nothing else, it makes any early rejections a lot easier to endure.
  • As far as these essays, it is best to try to get cranking on them the summer before your senior year. For many students, they are a huge psychological obstacle, and it’s best to just get going on them as soon as possible and get them out of the way! Believe it or not, once you track down a good idea, they are not that hard to write! (Read this blog to learn how!!)

Well, enough preaching. I most likely won’t be posting very often until the next college admissions “season” kicks off this summer. But I promise to be here to help you through it–and like my own kids’ I’m confident you will land in a good place!!  Good luck!