My friend, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, who is a national expert on helping families afford higher education, interviewed me recently about how to write standout college application essays. If you are struggling to figure out how to pay for your college or university, Lynn has the best insider information and resources, including her best-selling book and popular online courses.

I believe one thing that many students and parents don’t realize is that a strong essay not only can help you get into a competitive school, but it can also help you score merit scholarship money. This isn’t true for all schools, especially large universities, but many liberal arts colleges use the essays to determine who they want at their school and then work to help them afford it—including offering money.

Lynn understands the value of an effective college admissions essay and wanted to share my advice and tips with the readers of her informative blog, The College Solution. Here is our interview and her post from the College Solutions blog (the timing is a bit off, but I think you can still understand it all):

How To Write a Great College Essay

by  on November 17, 2014


Today I am excited to share an online conversation that I recorded with Janine Robinson, a journalist, a consultant and the creator of EssayHell, which is a wonderful website for students who want to learn how to write a great college essay.I invite you to watch the YouTube video during which Janine and I discuss tips on creating winning college essays.I’d also urge you to spend time on EssayHell, looking through Janine’s extremely helpful, how-to blog posts that should help inspire your teenagers to get started on their college essays or improve the ones they have written.
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Tips for Completing the University of California Personal Statement Prompts

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