I’m introducing my hot-off-the-press writing guide, “Essay Hell’s 50 Most Commonly Asked Questions about College Application Essays” by giving it away for the next 5 days on Amazon.

Starting tomorrow, February 13, just go to its sales page on Amazon and you can download the Kindle version for free.(Click HERE to get free Kindle app for your computer, phone or table.)

I designed this guide for students, parents, teachers and counselors who want quick and easy answers to the questions I have fielded the most during my decade working with these dreaded college application essays.

Not only do I include simple answers for each of the 50 questions, I also include clickable links to related posts from this blog to provide even more in depth explanations, advice and tips.

Sample questions include:

Who reads these essays?
What are admissions experts looking for?
Does the word count matter?
Should I include a real-life story?
Should I use the past tense?
Do I need an impressive topic?
Can I write about sex, religion, politics, etc?
Who should I let read my essay?
Do I need a title?

The idea with this short digital guide is to put the best information that I’ve amassed on this blog over the years at your fingertips.

Everything you need to know to learn about what makes an effective college application essay, and how to write your own using a narrative style that draws off your real-life experiences is here at Essay Hell. But it’s spread out among about 300 separate Essay Hell blog posts.

I try to make it accessible with my indexing, but it can be challenging to find exactly what you need when you need it—which is usually NOW!


That’s why I wrote and recommend this new digital guide (Essay Hell’s 50 Most Commonly Asked Questions about College Application Essays) as a way to give yourself a quickie crash course on writing college application essays that is efficient and accessible. With the essay writing FAQs and related blog links, you can target exactly what piece of the process you need to learn about, and go from there.

Maybe you are just starting and need to learn about finding hot topics. Or you have a draft written and need some help on how to self-edit. It could be you just need to confirm some of the basic mechanics of these essays.

With this guide, you can go to the question that matches your own, and then continue to learn about that answer by clicking on the related links in this blog.



Everyone learns in their own way.

If you want to learn step-by-step how to brainstorm a topic, and then learn how to craft a personal statement style essay using narrative writing techniques, then my other most popular guide, Escape Essay Hell!, might suit you the best (It’s available as Kindle and paperback).

But if you like to zip around your computer, tablet or phone depending on what you need and when, these 50 Commonly Asked Questions and the related blog post links could be your ticket. Especially if you are a student and love working via the Internet. (It’s only available via Kindle.)

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Also, if you find errors or links that don’t work, PLEASE let me know and I can fix them almost instantly since it’s a digital book.

Hope you like it and find it helpful!

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