My name is Janine Robinson and I am a professional writer, editor and journalist. For the last 20 years, I have reported for top daily newspapers, been the editor for a monthly lifestyle magazine and worked for an Internet company for teachers.
Currently, I am working toward my credential to teach secondary English in California.
I also have two teenagers, both of whom are starting to consider college. My daughter, a junior, has already started taking the standardized tests (including the essays), as well as begun working on her college entrance essays.
In the past couple years, I have taught creative writing classes during the summer, as well as done some private tutoring for Language Arts.
I am planning on offering some informal writing classes/workshops this summer to local teenagers who have started their college quest. One of the classes would focus on writing those dreaded college entrance essays.
I am not a techno whiz, but I thought it might be interesting to start a blog so I can share what I know about writing, as well as what I learn about tips, ideas and inspirational advice on writing college-related essays.
So stay tuned. Maybe if we work together on these essays it won’t have to be so painful!